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09.04.2010 03:13    Comments: 0    Categories: news      Tags: poker  texas holdem  

We are now proud to announce that we have integrated Multiplayer Texas Holdem Poker for Truck Buddies members only.


The poker system is just for fun playing with play money. When you first use the Poker Tables you will be given a complimentary 1000 Dollars worth of poker chips to play with against other poker players.


Obviously you are all competitive and the aim of the game will be to build the biggest BankRoll ever so that means that if one of you does well then someone else will be doing not so well, but we have catered for this because if you do lose and become Broke we will just keep giving you a fresh handout so you can always play.


In the future however we will integrate this so that Poker Chips will be given for activity on Truck Buddies. So the more active a person is, the more Chips they will have.


Any way I hope you enjoy this.

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