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09.04.2010 02:50    Comments: 0    Categories: news      Tags: upgrade  

Well it's been a bit quiet on here lately while we have been making major improvements to TruckBuddies.Com.

We have now more or less completed everything and are getting excited as to how these changes will be perceived.

I suppose I should be telling you what improvements have been made. It might be easier to tell you what hasn't.

These are the main updates:

  1. Complete restructure of the design and layout of the website.
  2. Completely reorganised the website navigation system.
  3. Overhaul of the Truck Drivers Forums making use of Ajax to update the Forum Spy on the fly and Flagged Topics.
  4. Added better facilities for uploading pictures, videos and sounds.
  5. You can now leave video comments when commenting on Articles, Blogs, Site News, Profiles, Videos, The Wall Etc.. Etc.. Etc...
And a Host of new extra features also that include but are not limited to:
  1. User Stores, our members can now sell items online to other Truck Buddy members or even the public with the proceeds paid directly into your own PayPal account.
  2. Calendars to see when certain activity happened like Users joining, Pictures uploaded, Etc..
  3. Privacy Settings, you can now set privacy settings to almost all the content that you add to Truck Buddies even your Profile to allow access only to who you want. i.e Friends only, Members only Etc..
So after spending all our time and funding on these changes that we hope are for the better, wewill now be starting a new advertising campaign to get new members to join and hopefully get some Haulage Organisations involved to provide better resources for Truck Drivers.
Our services will always be free for Truck Drivers and so we ask that you appreciate that there will be a certain amount of advertising on our website to help with the running cost and we hope that these will not be too intrusive.
Truck Buddies Admin
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