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DSA in introducing new element as Independent driving element in driving test will come in effect from Oct 2010.

* What is an independent driving test:

Independent driving is tasking the candidate to drive for approximately 10 mins either following a series of directions, following traffic signs, or a combination of both.

Independent driving is when the learner get out on the road He/She will be driving alone and they need to know how to drive safely. Simultaneously it is very important for a learner to look at the signs at the time of driving because that's in normal life what  the learners are going to do. It actually puts theory test and practical test together. It makes you think about the signs, makes you think independently and makes you feel much more confident.

* Why independent driving will be introduced:

"The feasibility of introducing independent driving into the GB driving test" was studied and according to it, there are few situations which demand this element in driving test. Statistics on the accident risk of new drivers shows that after passing their test they are at their peak in terms of their risk of having an accident. A number of reviews have concluded that traditional driver training does not seem to have any positive effect on road safety in terms of accident reductions.

One interpretation of these findings is that the experience gained by drivers after passing their test is completely unlike the experience they gain Pre-Test. Findings from qualitative research on the perceptions of new drivers seems to support this; in focus  groups learner drivers expressed their belief that 'real driving' is fundamentally different from the training required to pass the driving test.

A number of authors have suggested however that driver training should not only focus on vehicle control skills but also on factors that have been shown to be related to accident reductions, according to the research evidence. This includes higher perceptual skills such as

* Hazard perception
* Safer attitudes towards risk
* Better self-awareness of one's driving ability.

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