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09.10.2008 (3484 Days Ago)
fair rights to truckers and fair competition
Danger to truckers livelihood
Danger to truckers livelihood
3484 days ago 1 comments Categories: Tags: danger, truckers, livelihood
A short while ago, the BNP announced its new haulage campaign to raise awareness amongst long haul drivers of the dangers to their livelihood posed by the EU and successive Tory and Labour government mismanagement of the economy. The initiative has drawn a huge response, with demand for the leaflet far outstripping supply. In response to this demand, we have now produced the HGV/Haulage leaflet in printable form, which can be found here. Several media outlets have started to bite on the campaign, and hundreds of the very striking “Enough is Enough!” leaflets have gone out already. Help get this leaflet out to haulage workers! It reads as follows: “Putting British drivers first! Thanks to Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal-Democrats, Britain’s haulage industry is facing ruin. They all seem intent on sitting back and watching our industry die a slow death. Only the British National Party will save our haulage industry. Both Labour and previous Conservative governments have increased tax on fuel to the point where our industry is facing ruin. We have in this country the highest tax on fuel in the world. Thanks to “free trade”, our economy and our industries are being dismantled and sold off to foreigners, or closing down altogether, forcing the government to continually raise taxes on fuel to compensate for a shrinking tax income. Only the BNP will protect British industries from unfair foreign competition so that we can lower taxes on fuel. Thanks to unrestricted mass immigration, thousands of foreigners are now taking HGV jobs that should be for British drivers. These foreigners are willing to work for less than the UK average wage for HGV drivers, and so they undercut British workers and force wages to go down. Only the BNP will put British drivers first and stop the foreign invasion of our country. European Union (EU) rules and regulations are strangling our industry to death. Life for HGV drivers, especially those who own and operate their own fleets, has become an enormous struggle with endless paperwork and petty inspections. Only the BNP will pull Britain out of the European Union, and give our industry room to breathe again.
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